Today Let's Talk About - Authors

Reading is not for everyone. Not everyone can write a good book/story. It takes imagination and creativity, sometimes you even just fall upon a good story. Writing can take a great deal of time and patience. Authors come in all styles; short story, novels, poems, even blogging.

Everyone has their favorites to read. Today, I wanted to talk about some of my personal favorites.


Jacqueline Burke

                I wanted to start off with my mother, Jacqueline Burke. She’s has been writing for at least my entire life and probably even before I came along. It was only in the last few years that she started publishing her work. Her writing style is “to the point” or short story. You will see on my website that I have her books highlighted on the main page. She currently has six books published to date with a seventh on the way. My favorite of her works is “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow”. She started it as a blog and then turned that blog into a book. It is full of positivity and good vibes! If you want to check out her books you can find them on the main page of my website (Summer’s Cozy Corner) or on Amazon!


Stephenie Meyer

                The Twilight series was my first experience in binge reading. I was in high school and couldn’t get enough of them! The books were amazing. The fact that a literal dream was what brought about this franchise just blows me away! It actually got me to start trying to recall my dreams because you just never know!


Dan Brown

                Best known for “The DaVinci Code”, Dan Brown is my favorite author (besides my mother) hands down! The entire Robert Langdon series is just such a great adventure, really gets the mind going. Tom Hanks is forever Robert Langdon in my mind when I read these books now. If you like action, adventure, knowledge, and history then you will love these books!


Stephen King

                We all know and love the master of horror! Most of his novels have now been made into movies and tv series, but the books will always be the best! My favorite has to be “The Shining”. It is quite different than how the movie was done, that being said I love the book far better. Plus, the sequel, “Doctor Sleep”, was an amazing book too! So twisted and creepy, I loved it.


These are just some of my favorite authors! Who are some of your favorites?