Thrifty Thursdays - August 12

On Thursdays, we thrift!
This gem has been on a journey!
Almost a year ago, we picked this up for free when we were living in Ontario. My dad and my uncle went out to get it with a trailer initially, but that trailer gave out on the way home. Somehow those two lifted that beast into the back of our truck (pictured) and brought it home. I had stitches and couldn't help but I was very grateful!
It was built to be a player piano but never got the player part put in, but sounds beautiful! When I had it tuned a few months later I found out it had not been tuned since the 70s! So it could only be tuned a half step down from concert piano. Still sounded amazing to me!
Flash forward to moving out to Alberta a few months ago, we brought it with us!! It still sounds okay but I will have to see about tuning it again. Either way this baby is a part of our lives now and I'm not giving it up! ❤