Today Let's Talk About - What You're Wearing

This isn’t about giving advice on what/what not to wear.


What I would like to talk about is how much our wardrobe choices have changed over the last year. I think it’s safe to assume that a lot of us have opted for sweats and pajamas lately, I know I have. Personally, my outfits didn’t change that much…I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of person when I go out and when I’m at home it’s t-shirt and leggings/pajama pants/baggy yoga pants. You will almost always catch me in a band t-shirt and if it’s not a band tee it’s got a graphic of some kind on it. The only time I really put an effort into what I wore was when I worked retail.

Clothing is a big part of our identity. It is our billboard telling others who we are. I’ve always been quiet and reserved, and my clothing reflected that. My band tees are always from the men’s section, I hate fitted shirts. Loose clothing was/is a way of hiding, for me anyway. It’s my comfort.

It’s kind of fun to stop and think about what our clothing really represents. When I look back on it, I haven’t changed a thing since I was 15 years old, and I’m totally okay with it. I like comfort and simplicity. Do your wardrobe choices speak your truth? Do you put on an outfit and say “yes, this is me”? If not, why is that? The clothing we wear everyday should make us feel 100% authentic to ourselves. I think being forced to stay home has made me think a lot about this stuff. Knowing that my choice of clothing hasn’t changed at all tells me that I’ve lived a quiet life and I don’t really get out much. Again, that’s 100% me. What about you? Do your clothes speak social, party life? Do your clothes speak homebody? Do your clothes represent you truthfully?

I know this article has gone from how the pandemic has changed what you wear to what do my clothes say about me. I guess that’s the fun of writing and doing these blog posts, you start somewhere and never know where it’s going to end.