Today Let's Talk About - Where is Home?

I have moved around a lot in my life. Life happens and sometimes that means it takes you to many different places. With that, it has left me feeling like I do not know where my home is. My true home. I was born in a town that we never ended up living in, and over the years we have lived in the same 3 provinces back and forth. I have met many people along the way and have certainly learned a lot. But that question always lingers.

My goal in life is to establish roots. I know in today’s day it seems impossible; with sky-high housing costs it makes it more difficult. I want that family home, I want to stay in one place. However, in every place that we have lived I have always found a way to make it home.

When I think about where I come from, my hometown, I look at it as the place that I have spent the most time in. Even if there was time in-between where we had to leave. The place where I find myself the most comfortable and at ease. For me, that is the place where I did not first live there until I was 16 years old. Sudbury, ON is that place for me. We always spent the most time there each time we moved back, this last time being 4 years.  I graduated from high school there, got my first jobs there and worked most of my life there. Made life-long friends there. That is the feeling of home that I have always loved.


Where is home for you? Is it where you were born and raised or somewhere else? Do you have a family home that has been around for ages? Are you planting roots somewhere new or are you adventurous and just going with the flow?