In Her Words Over Coffee - A Diary of Skylar Olivia Stevens

Who Is Skylar Olivia Stevens? For the longest time, this question swirled around in her own mind, with no answer! Until one day, it just hit her! She is an author! She is not perfect and she even makes mistakes! She is human! She is a free spirit! She is creative! She write’s from her heart! She write’s with passion in her soul! In her journey in writing, Skylar decides it is time to reach out to her favorite author – JW. Just when she schedules a meeting with JW, the Pandemic hit! Life changed in that moment! The meeting of two authors needed to happen; it was meant to be. It is what she learned through it all that changed her life. A conversation between two authors. One seasoned and one just starting her career, is when creative project came to life!

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