The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - A Little Challenge

It seems the more you push for the good, the more there is another negative influence trying to stop you.  So you would think!

We, as a family, just went through this recently, BUT it was with the drive for Good Vibes that helped us over this hurdle.  I was surprised, actually, as before it would have won...but knowing good comes out of a negative, it didn't win at all!

Life is a constant learning experience, all of which makes me believe and confirm that living a life of Good Vibes and Positivity is more comfortable than falling into the hands of the negative.


Knowing we conquered this recent distraction makes me feel lighter.  I love this feeling!  Good Vibes builds a strength that nothing can compare to.

We are only human and situations of all kinds will try to detour our path we are meant to be on, but by staying focused on being faithful to your beliefs, will make for a better day.

Now we are back to our planning stage in bringing The Good Vibes Only Roadshow to more of a Reality - on the road this Roadshow will Go!

Thank you for following our journey, if we can help just one person, then it has been all worth it!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke