The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - Measuring Success

Measuring Success can mean so many things, but unfortunately many seem to think it is how much you have in your bank account that matters most.

Yes, we all need money to survive, but first we need to see what it is that truly makes us happy.  When you can dive into your heart and soul to see what is important in your life, that is true success.  What comes after you have done this is what will make your life whole.

Success isn't based on climbing up in a company; I've known many who have done just that, but are extremely unhappy in life.  Does that make true "Success"?  I am a firm believer, it is when you are pursuing something in your life that you feel in your heart, you feel in your "every single day", and you feel in every step you take.

Doing Acts of Kindness, showing gratitude, and love is the base of success.  Once you have these three things in your life, you will be able to climb any mountain in what it is that you enjoy doing.

Show Kindness along the way!

Show Gratitude for taking that next step!

Love who you have become as you've grown!

Measuring success, is to be the best person you can be from the inside first; this is the true Gift!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke