The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - Putting Plans in Motion

This post makes me very happy!  Knowing when the time is right, what needs to be done, being at Peace with decisions, and going for it!  The Ultimate Rush!

Making Good Vibes, Peace, Health and Happiness a priority in life is important - once you put those first, everything else falls into place.

As a family, we have done this in our lives and although we are at the beginning stages, this is something we want to enjoy - cleaning Out Our Lives.

I say, "Cleaning Out Our Lives" because this is exactly what needs to be done to put all plans in motion.

First and foremost, rid life of those toxic and negative people and breath!  It's funny how these people have an effect on our anxiety levels.  Say No to them and enjoy the fresh air.

Second, fueling the body with healthy fruits and vegetables and lots of water will not only cleanse your body, but will also cleanse your mind.  This will free up space to allow the positive to take over.

Enjoy this process - Get Lots of Rest!

The Third stage is to rid your home of all the things that are not necessary.  All those dust collectors, the items we have 20 of, the things we have outgrown mentally, and rid the house of clutter.  Sell it, donate it, or do what needs to be done, just rid your life of the stuff you don't NEED!

We are currently taking our time and enjoying all 3 stages and I can't tell you how liberating it feels. Things we tend to hang on to begin to take control of us, but really taking the control back and saying good-bye to the past clutter feels so good!  Funny how our environment we live in can weigh us down without even knowing it.


Good Vibes Only!  Loving Life and Enjoying all that we are doing to be able to share this Good Vibes Only Roadshow with you!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke