The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - The Beginning

I wanted to share with you, how we came to the point of starting The Good Vibes Only here goes!

Since this blog is based on Good Vibes, I will not speak negative towards the experiences which brought us to this point in our lives, however I will say the experiences opened our eyes to what really is important in life - Love!

Everyone has those certain experiences that when you look at them you really can't see a way out of them; we harnessed love in our lives, and I suppose that is what kept us focused on the larger picture - a life not allowing stress to win!

Good Vibes, Positive Thinking, Acts of Kindness, and being Grateful for every single day is really what is important in life.

We are making plans to share this with each person we come across in our lives; friends, family, strangers, fellow travelers, new friends, and those that are lost in not knowing what to do in their own lives.  We are not preachers, but instead we are a family trying to show really what is important in life - a warm heart fills us more than the little interest you make on your money from a bank.  In other words, life is not about money and the drive to have more, it is about having a warm heart and the Peace which you gain forever.  Money comes and goes, but Peace will never leave your heart.

We hope you enjoy our blog and following our adventures!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke