The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - The Question

When you find yourself in a life changing stage, the question of whether or not you are running from your problems comes up. It can make your decision a hard one to make.  I know in our lives; I look at others and see how they are doing and living the same old thing for years; wondering why I haven't been able to do the same.  I've been in a position of second guessing myself and wondering if I have a more deep-rooted issue as to why I can't settle down and live the "normal" life.  It then dawned on me - WHAT IS NORMAL!

In this process, I had to harness Good Vibes because if I didn't it would have eaten me up and I would have been a mess.  Life is meant to be lived based on one’s drive and not everyone is the same.  I believe everyone has problems, but those problems are what help us to find our true calling in life.  It's whether or not you act on it is what matters.

As a family, we have had our fair share of problems that we have grown from with Good Vibes helping us along the way.

So, in planning our future, we have taken all that we have learned and are setting out on this adventure.  Good Vibes only will help us along the way, and I am comforted in this realization.


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke