The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - Things Happen When Your Soul is Ready

When your soul is ready to receive, then it will happen!  Letting Go is key - Let Go of all expectations in life; this will allow your soul to be ready to accept all the good in life.

Since we have had things in motion with what "we" as a family are longing for, this has allowed our hearts and soul to be open to receive what we need to move forward.  Everything that has been happening in our lives has been giving us the knowledge and strength to move forward.

More options to enhance our ability to share with others; Good Vibes is the Result!

We are receiving more and more information daily, in one way or another, all to do with what we are most passionate about in our lives.  What makes us happy is being targeted and we are forever grateful.  Whether we are reading social media posts, watching television, or reading a magazine, we can be guaranteed something will cross our paths that only helps us to move forward knowing we are doing the right thing in life.

We refer to these as signs - signs we are doing the right thing in focusing our existence on Good Vibes Only.

Stay true to what you are passionate about, let go of all the misguided information that you should do this or do that, and harness your truth; free your soul to be ready to accept the best feeling you could ever feel - total energy of Good Vibes Only!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke