The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - When Your Body Calls The Shots

We all set out to do great things with our careers; hopefully knowing we are going to be satisfied with it for a long time.  At the time, we don't take into consideration the possible changes that could happen.  We hope and pray the economy will allow us to continue on our path and will bring us comfort in our choice.

When we start our career, the last thing we think about is our "physical" changes that could affect our career.  30 years ago, my career started in the Administration field, where I became and Executive Assistant and Manager to other Administrative Assistants.  This career had me sitting for the majority of the day, with very little physical activity.  Having been a very "sports-minded" person from the time I was in elementary school to my early 20's, the last thing I thought of was my body stopping me from focusing on what I knew in my career, but it did.

Osteoarthritis, a deteriorating L5-S1, and deterioration in my hips made it very painful to sit all day.  When the pain started, I was surprised to find out that due to all those years of playing sports, skiing, tap dancing, jazz dancing, and along with the odd minor injury, would cause me discomfort like I had been feeling.

I tried changing my career to working in Retail, where I thought since being on my feet all day, would keep me mobile, the pain would be easier to manage.  The Doctors had recommended light exercise during the day, since this was "key" to managing the pain which these ailments can cause.  However, in retail I found "standing still" or not being able to sit during the day, caused even more pain.

There was no happy medium.

Then it happened!  My Heart started talking to my Mind, "Follow your dreams!".  A positive attitude was born in that moment!  I decided to create my career that I loved; writing, being creative, sharing positive messages, and encouraging those to find great health.  The Mind can be a very strong tool when you allow your Heart to speak!

I found my true calling; when most people would allow physical pain to stop them from focusing on "a career", I didn't stop.  Yes, I could have gone on disability, but in my Heart I always told myself, "there are people out there that are needing those disability cheques more than I" .  I can still walk, I can still communicate, I can still sit, I have mobility, and I have a voice.  I'm not going to take something away from another who is needing it more than I.

I share Good Vibes Only in my life; I know the struggles of "change" in all aspects of life,  and I will continue to focus on encouraging others to find their Heart and let it speak to them.

I've found alternative remedies, products, and a career that has helped me, by looking outside the box and loving myself enough.

No matter what your struggles are, there is always room for Good Vibes Only!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke