The Good Vibes Only Roadshow - Writing From The Heart

I find as we are making plans to live a life of steady Good Vibes Only, the more we are simplifying our lives, the more I am writing from my Heart.

Instead of constantly thinking of what to say, it seems to just flow from my heart and soul.  My mind is not interfering with what I should and should not say.

Honesty and truth are the basis of my blog; I'm posting these messages from the deepest part of my being.  Humbling experience to know my mind is not in control.

Writing to me has been a passion, one that I always turned my mind on for.  During this time, I would experience writers block on a regular basis.  It wasn't until recently, the flow of writing doesn't seem to want to shut off.

I'm grateful for experiencing this feeling, and I now finally have a new comfort with my passion and gift.

As we are selling some furniture and belongings that we no longer need, our home is also feeling much more calming.  It is almost like our home is flowing more from its own heart, if that makes any sense.  The energy is clean and calming!  I'm very excited to write more posts on our progress - I feel as if I have so much more to share with you all!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke