The Journey Continues - One Thought Can Change Everything

I've learned, over the years, how quickly things can change with one thought.  I was raised with strict parents, who would say to me, "think before you speak!"  I wasn't getting in trouble with my parents, it was just something they would say to me daily, in their attempts to teach me to respect others.


Think of how your words will affect someone.


The truth is, they were right!  When you think of how, if you didn't think before you spoke, saying the first thing that came to mind could insult someone, would it have been worth it?  Taking the time to listen to someone before you respond, literally saves relationships; saves the line of communication from closing.


I know it is hard to not respond quick, especially to something you may disagree with, we are all human and have strong opinions at times; however, this is an exercise we should all try to do daily.


Take a moment to think about it; remember one thought can change everything!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke