The Journey Continues - Spring Cleaning, Spring Fever

I'm not sure if it is all the snow we have received, but I find myself planning for some major Spring Cleaning!


Yes folks, I have Spring Fever!


In order to handle the next dumping of snow we are about to receive; I have my Spring Cleaning/Spring Fever lists going!  I'm also diving into some major creative visualization!  The answer to absolutely everything!


Now when I say, "Spring Cleaning", I don't necessarily mean cleaning the house, although that is probably 30% of it!  It's the 70% of Spring Cleaning that doesn't require me to break a sweat!  This is what I am extremely excited for!  I'm talking about the Spring Cleaning we do in our lives, our relationships, our hobbies, and in anything that makes us tick!


Does your relationship need a cleaning up?  I don't mean to leave a relationship, but I'm a firm believer that if there is something that could change, then it is time for some Spring Cleaning!  What can you do to help your relationship along?  We all need some Spring Cleaning in our lives; relationships are just an example, but I feel no matter what, everything in our lives is important enough to warrant a little cleaning.


Does that bucket list (passion list) need a little Spring Cleaning?  Have you found that perhaps you would like to add something to it, or sweeten it up a bit?  Then let's Spring Clean that baby!


There are so many areas in life that we can focus on, to add a little spice too - I like to call it Spring Cleaning My World!  When I do this, it not only adds spice to my life, but it puts a jump in my step, and an even bigger smile on my face!


With Good Vibes Only - I wish you all the fun and enjoyment in your very own Spring Cleaning!


Good Vibes Only!

Written By: Jacqueline Burke