Wellness Wednesday - Growing Pains

While this next blog probably doesn’t have a lot to do with “wellness”, I feel it is an important part of wellness to acknowledge growth, and areas of your life that need work to keep moving forward. Growing and learning and being open are a big part of your well being.


I am turning 30 this weekend, which has led me to think about my entire life leading up to today. I’m sure most people do this, and I have some thoughts.

You don’t become an adult until you’re 30. Hear me out. Legally one is viewed as an adult at 18, most can’t drink until 19 or 21 depending on where you live, but you can vote in an election that most people that age don’t understand. More often than not you will be “ready” to take on the world because high school told you so. But then the rude awakening happens.

Fast forward into your twenties and the lessons just keep smacking you in the face. Sure, you make some pretty great memories, but for the most part it’s not that fun. Some start a family in their twenties, some get married and quickly go through their first divorce. Going through all of these as kids (in my opinion). I look back at my twenties now and think, wow what was I thinking? I don’t have children and I have never been married, but I have seen enough hell to know that it was probably a good thing that I didn’t.

You go through all of that stuff, whatever it was for you, in your twenties so that when you hit 30 you should be ready for your ascent into adulthood, TRUE adulthood. You should know better now. Some never grow up and while it’s sad, it’s their life. I have always been told that you never stop learning in life, but I feel once you’re 30 it just kind of hits you. Hopefully, you can navigate life a little better than before.  

Always keep an open mind and never stop learning.


Here’s to the next stage!