Wellness Wednesday - Love Your Body

Our world has made loving anything about ourselves really hard to do. Before, magazines would splash on the covers an image of what society thought we should look like. Now, with social media constantly in our faces those images are there when we wake up and there when we go to sleep. Don’t even get me started on those “filters” on tiktok! How did we become such an image-focused society? What happened to worrying about the person inside that body?

I’ve been on a journey of loving myself no matter what size I’ve been. I have had to train my mind to understand that my body changes just like everything else. I was teased for my size as young as nine years old. NINE!! That’s what society did to us. Where even a nine-year-old had to be concerned with how they looked to others. Even today with the pandemic, people were worried about how much their bodies had changed…meanwhile there is a virus out there that is killing people.   

Children need to be taught to love themselves. Period. For us adults, we need to sit down and give our inner child a hug for all of the things we’ve put them through and start loving ourselves again. Every body is different. Every soul is different. There is no cookie cutter that anyone fits into.

LOVE YOURSELF! Even if you think that is a daunting task, start in baby steps. Give yourself one compliment every day. Look in the mirror and hype yourself up like you would your best friend. LOVE YOUR BODY! Love everything that makes you, YOU! Say good things to yourself! If you feel you can’t do that then write it out. Writing out any negative thoughts and feelings is a form of release. Once you’ve done that you can either through it away/burn it or turn the page and never look at it again.

Whatever journey you need to go on, do it, as long as it leads to you loving yourself again.