Wellness Wednesday - Meditation

Meditation. What is it really? Are you to sit perfectly still and try to silence your mind? Do you need every tool there is? Answer is, probably not. However, the tools do help!

I don’t believe you need to sit there in silence for hours on end to meditate. Just taking a brief moment to recentre yourself, take a breath, hitting the reset button is a big step in the right direction. It’s about reminding yourself that it’s okay, whatever it is that is on your mind.

To me, meditation is about slowly training yourself to pause, reflect, take your time, and breathe. Our world has become a fast-paced place to be with mountains of pressure running right beside it. Not a single thing in this world is worth sacrificing our mental health. You can absolutely work hard towards your goals, but you also need to learn to stop and refuel the tank. A car won’t get far without gas.

A common thing I like to tell people is to “Stop. Close your eyes. Take a big deep breath in and out. Remember that you are amazing, and you got this!”. If you practice this for at least 10-30 seconds each time, you may find that slowing down and being more reflective will just come naturally.  I know for myself; I have eliminated a lot of stress and anger by practicing the pause. Reminding myself to not take on the stress of others, to remind myself that we are all human and if someone treats you badly it probably has nothing to do with you, it’s all about reminders. Even if you think that you can’t keep all of that in your mind then write it out. Leave post-it notes in different spots, keep a journal, anything!

If you would like to actually try meditating, here is what I suggest:

Wherever you are just stop, close your eyes, and take a big deep breath in and out. Repeat as many times as you need. You might find that your mind just naturally silences itself while you’re doing this.

I think people find the idea of trying to shut their brains off very intimidating and this is what turns people off.

Using meditation tools really does help, in my opinion. Mala beads are the best to use! It gives you something to focus on, kind of like a fidget spinner, but instead you are counting beads. You can choose a mantra/phrase to recite with each bead but counting works too. It’s just something to keep your mind on track. Plus, they are handy, you can bring them anywhere! In some cases, even just holding it in your hands is comforting.  

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to get into meditation but feel they don’t have time or can’t get a grip on their thoughts. It’s all about baby steps. No pressure. Do the little things each day and over time you will find that the big things will be a lot easier!




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