Wellness Wednesday - Music

Music is a big part of everyone’s lives. It’s our therapy. You can blast a song and scream at the top of your lungs, releasing energy. You can play soft music in the background to help you concentrate. You can hear a song and instantly remember a time in your life that you haven’t thought of in years. It is so versatile, so healing, so many things.

I consider music to be an essential part of life. There is music for everything and everyone. Personally, I have my favorites that I listen to for every mood. Soft, relaxing instrumentals for sleeping, folk/indie/acoustic for when I am writing or needing to really concentrate, heavy metal for when I get so angry that I can’t find the words, you get the idea. Music helps to release the feelings and emotions that we can’t put into actual sentences.

If you haven’t already, try putting together a playlist that matches each mood that you experience. Each person experiences moods differently so really try to focus on what type of music you gravitate towards when you’re feeling a certain way. For example; when I am having what I call a “rainy day” feeling (even if it’s not raining) I play music from a Mellow Morning playlist or Lazy Sunday. Or when something makes me so angry that I feel I’m going to blow up I usually put on In This Moment (great band) or Five Finger Death Punch, I always feel so much better after that. Something about the heavy driving beat of the drums and the heavy guitars. Point is, it helps me to work through and process what I am feeling and allows me to release that emotion.

Give it a try! Pay attention to yourself, you might be surprised at what you learn!