Wellness Wednesday - Tea

Tea is a healing drink. It is like a warm hug when made hot and super refreshing when made cold. I like the way a warm cup of tea makes me feel in the evening. It helps me to wind down. My go-to is green tea with milk and honey, it is SO comforting. Every now and then I will grab a Chai tea or Matcha.

There is something about the process of making tea (or coffee if that’s your preference) that is so relaxing and almost meditative. Boiling your water, steeping your bag (and if you get one of those bloom teas it’s really amazing to watch), and adding to it whatever you want. Maybe reflecting on your day, or just taking a silent moment. Then curling up on the couch, in a chair, or in bed, and just relaxing for the evening. It’s as if everything just melts away.

I know I make tea sound like this full-on journey, but to me it is. Tea always makes me feel better if I am sad or anxious. Even if I’m in a good mood, tea always makes it even that much better.

Make yourself your hot/cold drink of choice and try it for yourself! Be reflective, mindful, while making your drink. After you take that first sip you might experience that big hug in a cup!