Wellness Wednesday - Unplug

Before the pandemic people spent, what was considered, a lot of time on social media. After the pandemic began, I am fairly sure that doubled. For small business owners like myself, my time on social media is un-real. My business is only online at the moment, so that means I am probably sending half of my day on social media apps. My new phone has a lovely little feature that tells me how much time I spend on apps, on Sunday alone it was almost 6 hours! I wonder why I am always exhausted??

It is really healthy to unplug. Giving your eyes, your hands, and most importantly your mind a break. Whether you take a whole day or a weekend and just put your phone (or any tech) down. Spend time outside or with your family. If you feel you can’t dedicate a full day or weekend (like myself) then set “bedtimes” for your phone/tech. Say “okay it’s 5 o’clock! It’s the phones bedtime!”. So set a specific time frame where you are using your phone. I am certainly going to try it! When I have taken breaks in the past, I keep my phone away in my bedroom so that way it is not in arms reach. If you need your phone for emergency calls then put the sound up and keep it within earshot. Same goes if you are heading outside, obviously keep it with you but for emergencies. This is taking a break from social media, not real life.